Tips for Successful Military to Civilian Transition

Tips for Successful Military to Civilian Transition

  1. Think about skills that transfer: for example, if you’ve trained over 50 people on any given subject, are you transferring that skill base to your resume when applying for jobs? Make sure you’re recognizing your own managerial experience. Did you help your military department save money by implementing a new skill or procedure? Be sure to use that information on your resume!
  2. Look for employers that are military friendly. Yes they exist and they’re looking for people like you to fill valuable positions!
  3. Stay connected with recruiters and headhunters who are in the know about positions that could benefit your future, consider developing a relationship that would allow you to use them as references as well!
  4. Use the strengths you’ve gained from the military to impress the interviewer. Often times communication, attention to detail, and showing basic leadership skills are enough to impress even the most intimidating interviewers to give you a shot at the job.
  5. Finally, networking is key. Making an effort to be involved in your community, getting to know your neighbors, going to a young professionals cocktail hour can provide many opportunities that may not have presented themselves otherwise.



Military Preparation For Civilian Work

November 17, 2021

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