Oftentimes, networking events are too informal for a resume. Learning how to tell your story through a bioresume affords job-seekers the unique opportunity to not only provide essential elements of your education and employment background, but also a biography to prospective employers. Never miss an opportunity to sell yourself by over-relying on a resume and networking connections. Only a bioresume enables you to highlight the unique experiences a resume prohibits due to space.

Let the bioresume be your human factor edge when applying for a job and networking.

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My book, The Transition, as well as numerous speaking engagements throughout the country also provide you with the ability to learn more about techniques you can use to improve your bioresume. A bioresume will prove invaluable when engaging with senior-level executives interested in you but not ready for the formalities of an interview.

Our bio-resume is the best ice breaker for face-to face meetings and interviews, or even for use electronically as a read ahead or background information on you.
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