Thanksgiving Resources for Veterans

Thanksgiving Resources for Veterans

Veterans have many benefits, Thanksgiving included! The holiday includes special events not only for veterans and those on active duty, but for family members and government employees.

Here are some special events and resources for veterans this Thanksgiving.

Military Base Thanksgiving Dinner

On Thanksgiving Day, military bases prepare dinner on base. These dinners are not free for veterans and their families, but are much most cost effective than dining off base. Many veterans who are away from home and those who are unable to travel or do not have family or friends to celebrate with are encouraged to attend Thanksgiving dinner at a military base. Military regulations consider Thanksgiving a “special meal” and dinners on bases are open to retired military personnel/veterans as long as the dining facility does not exceed a 100 percent utilization ratio. The installation commander of the base decides this benefit which increases morale and promote community relations.

Local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and American Legion (AL) Posts

Most of these posts prepare a yearly Thanksgiving meal for free. To attend, you need a valid membership or you can be a guest of a member veteran. These yearly gatherings provide an excellent opportunity for veterans to socialize with other veterans in the community. Bingo games are also known to break out after the meal. Contact your local VFW or American Legion for event times, prices, volunteer opportunities, and if donations are needed.

Other Veterans Service Organizations

There are many local and national veteran service organizations. Here is a list of accredited VSO.

Be thankful for the scarifies our veterans made to serve our country.  If you know a veteran who will be alone or cannot travel, invite them to join you, family and friends to celebrate or accompany them to a nice Thanksgiving meal. Most importantly, remember that there is Thanksgiving meal waiting to be shared with a veteran.

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